Feast Bumper Stickers

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Many years ago one of the things that made the feast great was seeing green stickers on the bumper of a car that was also heading to the feast. You immediately knew that they were your brothers and sisters and were Christians. If you saw one of these green stickers on the side of the road you immediately stopped to see if you could help. You knew that it was safe to stop and the people who were stranded knew that you were their brother and sister.

As a service to the people of God the Sabbath Day Church of God would like to give to every family a set of green stickers with the lion and lamb emblem and the words Church of God. These are not church specific. They are non organizational and can be used by all feast goers. They are free upon request either by individuals or entire organizations in any quantity needed. Please order early so we have time to fill all the orders. They are absolutely free to all people and all organization

Order your free feast sticker from Sabbath Day Church of God email fporter@sdcog.org.


4 Responses to Feast Bumper Stickers

  1. Sandy Ketchum had this to say about that:

    Thank u for the opportunity to have or renew such wonderful memories. Thanks for a GREAT job u are doing.

  2. Robby had this to say about that:

    Just searching through COG websites and came across yours. I like the COG stickers and would like a few if possible. I currently attend Sabbath services w/ the brethren of Christian Biblical COG. I am glad to learn of so many others like us are around.

    Thank you

  3. Cynthia Andrulis had this to say about that:

    If you still have some of those feast stickers please send me about five. That was one of the best things my children remember about the Feast. My address is 118 West ave North Lyons,Kansas 67554. I would really like to know if you’re having a Feast of Tabernacles this year.

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