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Phone number for contacting us, please call or text:

Mike Compton 501.276.5023

Brian Anderson 501.690.3305



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  1. Peter Cross had this to say about that:

    Glad I’ve found your new website, which I did via Feastgoer, who say that you will be hosting FOT in Hot Springs 2013 – but their information isn’t always accurate. If they’re correct, will you be putting details on your website? Will there be live broadcasts of FOT services?

    Re live Sabbath broadcasts, how do you sign in – and why? Church of God International also use livestream, and you just click on the link and watch it.

    • Brian had this to say about that:

      We will be combining the Feast with CEM in Hot Springs this year. As for broadcasts for the Feast I’m not sure.

      We do broadcast with Livestream for Sabbath services, and I don’t believe you need a sign in.

  2. margaret ellis had this to say about that:

    We are interested in attending the feast at Hot Springs and would appreciate any info you could send us. Thank you, the Ellis Family

  3. Peter Cross had this to say about that:

    Any update yet on live FOT broadcasts?
    If services will be broadcast, could you publish local times, and speakers, please?

  4. pastor michael had this to say about that:

    Hi Brethren,
    I am writing to you from kenya,east africa.I have visited your church website and am glad to know more truth i never knew from the bible.I would be glad to have fellowship with you,and that you visit my young congregation and teach us more in kenya.I will be glad to hear from you.

    Pastor Michael,Kenya

  5. pastor michael had this to say about that:

    wonderful site

  6. Peggy had this to say about that:


    It’s that time of year again. Time to find out who is planning a feast site!!!!
    Here at we are wondering if you are once again planning a Feast site for 2014?

    In what city will it be held?
    What dates are you meeting?
    Please send us a link to your webpage!!!
    If you don’t have a webpage, would you like us to make you one or update last years???
    Do you know anyone else who is planning a feast who would like their site listed.

    Thanks so much,

    • Brian had this to say about that:

      Currently we don’t plan on hosting a Feast site in Hot Springs. If it changes we will let you all know. Thanks!

  7. Barbara had this to say about that:

    hello do you just have the church site there in Hot Springs or do you have other church sites in United States and if so where I live in Montana will be looking for your answer next week as tomorrow is Sabbath thank you Barbara

    • Brian had this to say about that:

      We just have a church site in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Where are you looking for church services? We may be able to help find one.

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